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Good teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more.
~Bob Talbert



Monthly tuition covers piano lessons from September to May (30 individual 45-minute lessons and 4 90-minute group classes) and 7 piano lessons in June through August (flexible dates and times TBD).

Please contact Cheryl for specific tuition rates.           
Materials and Activities Deposit     

An annual $75 Materials and Activities Deposit is due along with the Registration Form. Various expenses will be deducted from the deposit throughout the year. These expenses may include the cost of music books, piano performance opportunities, TMTA Student Affiliate membership, late tuition fees, or any other materials or piano activities for the student. You will be contacted if the deposit needs to be replenished during the school year.

Tuition refunds are not given to students who withdraw mid-month. 

The tuition and deposit amounts are applicable for this school year only and are subject to change annually.


Cheryl Marshall provides Harris County, TX with private piano lessons and summer music camps.


Spring, Texas - Private Piano Lessons - Spring, TX

The Woodlands, Texas - Private Piano Lessons - The Woodlands, TX
Houston, Texas - Private Piano Lessons - Houston, TX

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