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"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."
~ John Ruskin


"I am happy to give Cheryl Marshall my strongest recommendation. She is an outstanding teacher and a first-rate pianist stylistically, musically, and technically. Cheryl has a delightful and outgoing personality that is humble, but strong. I feel honored to have had Cheryl Marshall as one of my students."

~Maurice Hinson, Senior Professor of Piano, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Mrs. Marshall provides a great learning environment in her studio and we have found her to be professional, dedicated, and kind. Our daughter loves Mrs. Marshall and is thriving under her teaching--her piano skills are improving, she has gained self-confidence, and she is having fun!"

~Jonathan Blackmon, Ph.D., Associate Professsor of Music; Director of Worship Arts, Missouri Baptist University

"I have enjoyed the benefit of your teaching through not only seeing the rigor of [our children] studying music but hearing the marvelous music that our children are now playing. Without the solid basic foundation which you provided for them, as well as the positive performing experience, they would not have come to accomplish what they have."

~Ana Jackson

"You helped me appreciate the musical ability I had and pushed me to improve it and always get better. You showed me not only how to play the songs I was given but how to express with them and treat music as more than just lining up the notes right. You gave me the chance to get over my stage fright and share my music publicly, and you helped me build courage and confidence in my own abilities. I went from simply working through music to really enjoying it and considering it a part of who I was . . . I've just been lucky to be your student."

~Mark Newheiser


Cheryl Marshall provides Harris County, TX with private piano lessons and summer music camps.


Spring, Texas - Private Piano Lessons - Spring, TX

The Woodlands, Texas - Private Piano Lessons - The Woodlands, TX
Houston, Texas - Private Piano Lessons - Houston, TX

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